Quickly identify the Acquia subscription containing your site

If you have many Acquia subscriptions, finding which one contains a particular site can be time consuming. I discovered a quick way to find the subscription containing a specific site, and it even contains part of the drush alias!

Slow Drupal node edit pages? Token tree is slowing you down..

For quite some time one of the items I wanted to improve was the responsiveness of our content edit pages. The server response time was fast (after a performance patch I posted here for the term reference tree module -, but the biggest hold up was with the browser rendering of token trees:

Token Tree


Make your Drupal maintenance mode stealthy using Varnish

It's release time and you anticipate your site being in maintenance mode longer than usual. It's a big release and chances are your maintenance window will last longer than you expect. Wouldn't it be nice if your users didn't know? Read on to learn how.

Scalable mobile testing without the hosts file fuss

Are you working on a mobile site and need a scalable way to test it on real devices? How about mobile device redirects? It's extremely difficult, without hacking your device, to modify the hosts file in order to setup domains to point to your dev, testing or live servers. It's also difficult, if not technically impossible, to alter DNS records for only specific people on your network (let alone your IT administrator letting you). This article provides a cheap way to setup mobile testing for your team using a Linksys router flashed with DD-WRT.

Simplify your Drupal 7.24 upgrade .htaccess changes

Anytime there is a Drupal task that involves making repetitive changes on many sites, I always think how I can apply drush to automate that task. The Drupal 7.24 update that was released late in 2013 requires some manual intervention to regenerate the .htaccess file. The release notes for Drupal 7.24 ( explain the manual intervention in detail.

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