Let's face it -- the Drupal CMS is extremely powerful and the large community around it can make decision making and finding solutions complicated. The services I can provide are:

  • Custom module development
  • Website infrastructure planning (module selection, server sizing, capacity planning, etc)
  • MySQL database development, setup and maintenance (e.g. server installation, backup jobs, query troubleshooting and optimization)
  • LAMP stack performance tuning (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Memcached, Varnish)
  • Development workflow planning and tooling (Development lifecycle, release management strategies, continuous integration, SVN-to-Git migrations, etc)
  • Linux administration/development (Python and Perl programming incl.)

If you are just starting with Drupal some of the questions you will eventually have, along with my brief insight, are:

Q. What module will do what I need? How can I make sure it will be reliable and bug-free and perform well on my site?

A. The answer is -- it depends :). Your requirements will determine what module fits best now and will scale for your future needs. There's a lot of criteria that need to go into selecting a module, such as:

  1. Reliability -- You want to make sure the module you select is reliable and has a minimal amount of bugs so your site will continue to work for your customers.
  2. Maturity -- Modules that have had a longer lifetime tend to be more stable, but may not offer cutting edge capabilities.
  3. Activity -- A module that has activity in the issue queues and recent development work is promising because it's a sign that the project is alive and has interest from the community
  4. Performance -- It's important the module you select performs under a wide range of traffic conditions. When you are promoting traffic to your website a poor-performing module (let alone entire site!) is directly related to lost revenue and customers. Don't believe me? Look at well-known KISSmetrics info graphic ( on how web performance matters. It's also common knowledge in the IT industry that Google has been factoring search relevance on how quickly your site responds to browser requests.

Q. How do I select a hosting provider? There are so many! 

A. The answer mostly depends on your budget, development lifecycle requirements, level of post-launch support you will need and uptime requirements. I have first hand experience with the leading two Drupal hosting companies out there ranging from a single standalone site to hosting 20+ sites on a single code base.


Q.  My site has launched and it times out or is extremely slow!

A. First and foremost, sorry to hear! Nothing is more disappointing than getting all excited for your big launch day only for it to fall flat on its face. I can help your website live up to the expectations of your customers by troubleshooting, tuning and/or making an action plan for you to get your website back on track.